Our Values

Our Values

Our structures, your unconditioned assurance

Our company is based on essential cornerstones, strong foundations that influence the organization and decisions of the entire Group.
According to Selezione Casillo the total food safety, the raw materials high qualitative standards and the customers satisfaction are all the ingredients that have been transforming one of the more ancient activity in the world in a complex process, in which technology, innovation and perfection act.

The Selezione Casillo experience, its facilities and its high competence ensure the development of the entire productive process and for the total customer satisfaction: a laboratory accredited by the SINAL (Italian laboratory accreditation authority), the innovative milling technologies, the certified productive processes, the strict controls and the traceability of raw materials and products, the wheat storage silos and the logistic platform among the most important in Europe with more than 8000 pallet places.

Selezione Casillo S.r.l.

Via Sant'Elia z.i.
70033 Corato (BA) Italy

P. IVA 06723350721

Num. verde 800 198 416

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